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Diary of a Doer

Oct 15, 2019

We all know we need to do marketing, but we don’t always know how it’s supposed to serve our business. Casey Stanton, marketing coach, speaker and former professor, joins me today to bridge the gap. 

In this episode, you’ll hear what Casey thinks is the biggest marketing blunder business owners make time...

Oct 8, 2019

One of the first lessons we learn as entrepreneurs is that nothing is ever certain. We have to learn how to navigate turbulent waters while leading a team. In the face of adversity, our true colors as leaders are revealed.

In this episode, you’ll hear my approach to leadership in difficult times.

I share 6 principles...

Oct 1, 2019

Do you ever feel like you’re playing the long game in your business? My guest today Matty Christopherson is proof that, even in an unconventional industry, you will see fruit when you put in the time and hard work to something you’re passionate about. 

Matt Christopherson is the founder and President/CEO of...

Sep 24, 2019

Many entrepreneurs are used to doing it all. To get our business off the ground, we may have had to learn systems or processes on the fly because it was cheaper, easier and faster than hiring someone to do it for us!

But after a while, we start to feel like the Doer in our own business and lose sight of what exactly we...

Sep 17, 2019

Every week I talk about the benefits of delegation and how Executive Virtual Assistants are an Executive’s secret weapon. 

I decided it’s about time we heard from one.

This week, my part-time therapist, full-time comedic relief and all round lifesaver, Kim, joins me to give you a look behind the scenes of being an...